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You will pay a small one-off membership fee to join ESLCU. Currently it is £2. You will need to deposit at least £3 to your account to become a member, making a total of £5. You can do this via PayPal at the end of the form, or call us on 03336 000690 to make payment using your debit card.

Please note members pay £13 a year towards the costs of running their account. This is collected at the rate of £1.00 4-weekly.

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Please provide your bank account number and bank sort code below. This information will be used, both to verify your identity and for payments to and from the credit union.

Please note; we do NOT operate Direct Debits and will NOT take any money from your account.

  If you do not have a bank account, please leave the above blank. Click here and we will be pleased to speak to you about The Engage Account which may meet your needs.  

Please provide details of a beneficiary. A beneficiary is someone that would inherit your savings with the credit union in the unfortunate event of your death.


Data Protection Statement -
Eastern Savings & Loans credit union will process your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

By accepting membership you accept the membership terms for our accounts.

  I accept the use of Credit Reference Agencies and declare that the information given by me on this form is true and correct, to the best of my belief. * 
  In making this application I apply for membership of Eastern Savings and Loans Credit Union Ltd and agree to abide by its rules. * 
  I have read the FSCS information and understand how my deposits are protected * 
  I consent to Eastern Savings and Loans Credit Union Ltd holding my data for the purpose of this application and my membership of Eastern Savings and Loans Credit Union Ltd * 

Proof of Identity
We will use CallCredit On-Line Identification & Verification Service. This does not affect your credit rating and is used solely for verification purposes. Where we are unable to verify your identity electronically we may telephone you and/or ask you to provide certificated copies of appropriate identification documents.

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